Dansand® polymeric bloc paving fix

Dansand ® polymeric block paving fix is the premium alternative to paving mortar. It creates stable yet flexible joints. As a NO GROW™ product, it keeps weeds at bay from the paving around your house for years.

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Dansand® joint filling sand

The patented Dansand® joint filling sand - in natural colours - is ideal for narrow joints on the patio, in driveways or on paths. NO GROW™ sand mix is easy to apply and also has a natural weed-inhibiting effect.

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Dansand® stone dust for paving

Our washed, dark-coloured Dansand® stone dust for paving is suitable for joints up to a width of 20 mm. The NO GROW™ mix of Scandinavian granite produces very little dust and weeds don't stand a chance of growing in the joints.

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