Key benefits

On your pavement, patio or driveway – our products help you not only inhibit weeds, they protect our environment. Our light-coloured Dansand® joint filling sand, stone dust and solid Dansand® polymeric bloc paving fix are not just easy to use, they're also totally environmentally friendly without chemical additives.

  • Completely environmentally friendly  
  • No toxins
  • No chemicals
  • No danger to humans or animals

Our products contain a unique blend of minerals that develop their strength in your paving joints. The blend creates desert-like conditions in the joints, preventing dandelions, chickweed and the like from finding any basis for growth.

No more sprays!

Using our products not only saves you the hassle of scraping your paving joints, but also eliminates environmentally damaging pesticides; our products effectively inhibit weed growth in flagstone and paving joints when used correctly – but they don't keep ladybirds and other useful creatures from doing their good work in your garden.

Dansand® Greenline – for a sustainable future!