with Dansand® joint filling sand & Dansand® stone dust for paving

Find out how easy it is to use our Dansand® joint filling sand or Dansand® stone dust for paving. Just follow the instructions and put paid to weeds in your paving joints.


First step

First, give your joint material a good stir with a shovel to make sure the sand is evenly distributed. After that, pour liberal quantities of material onto the surface you want to repair.

Second step

Sweep the joint filler into the joints, making alternate motions diagonally and directly into the joints to fill them as effectively as possible. Use a surface vibrator for best results.

Third step

Use a spatula to check that you've filled the joints well; which you should only be able to push a few millimetres into the joint. Fill up the joints again if needed.

Fourth step

Then clean up the surface with a soft brush to fill the last joints in completely. Sweep up any excess material, and keep it in the sealed up bag and put it into a dry place for later refilling.

Fifth step

This gives you beautifully filled joints and inhibited weed growth. Fill joints up again as needed.