Dansand® joint filling sand

for narrow and light-coloured joints

Need to get rid of those stubborn weeds in the joints on your patio, driveway or paving? Keep them away for a good long time with our light-coloured Dansand® joint filling sand for repointing and repairing granite and concrete paving and flagstones.

This naturally alkaline mixture of oven-dried, nutrient-poor minerals creates desert-like conditions to keep weeds under control in a very natural way – without chemicals. Dansand® joint filling sand will keep weeds at bay for years, even with continuous heavy rain – as extensive testing has demonstrated.
Our light-coloured Dansand® joint filling sand is easy to use and ideal for narrow joints on patios, sidewalks and driveways with light traffic. 

Benefits of Dansand® joint filling sand:

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This is how the application works:

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Application for repairing

Application for the repointing