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NO WEED! Block Paving Sand

Want to find out more about our NO WEED! joint-filling sand products? Our product leaflet sums up all you need to know about our weed-retardant and environmentally friendly Dansand® joint-filling sand, Dansand® stone dust and Dansand® paving mortar.

Dansand® leaflet

Dansand® block paving sand

Need to get rid of those stubborn weeds in the joints on your patio, driveway or paving? Keep them away for a good long time with our light-coloured Dansand® block paving sand.

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Dansand® polymeric block paving fix

Forget the hours you spent with weed killers on your patio or driveway — with our new Dansand® polymeric block paving fix, giving your joints strength and preventing weeds and insects from spreading between the paving.

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05.07.2012 - Dansand® movies

See how to apply Dansand® in our movies.


10.05.2012 - Polymeric Block Paving Fix

Flexible and solid joint material

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